The Musician

Emerging artist, Alisa, has a lovely, deep, smoky voice and a natural expression. One to watch!” – Jim Sutherland, Producer



After a decade of committing her academic and artistic life to uncovering the beauty and magic of Irish traditional music, vocalist Alisa Rose now begins the journey of producing her premiere album. The process to releasing an album is a long haul… and a costly one. Your help and support is greatly appreciated. Please, consider making a donation to this project (with wonderful gifts and offerings in return!) and find out more on my GoFundMe campaign, where you can make a secure and safe contribution. Stay updated by following both this websites updates and the GoFundMe page.

Thank you so much for all your support over the years. I am so looking forward to the next step in this wonderful journey!

About Alisa Rose

Before discovering a passion for Folk Music and stepping out on her own, Alisa Rose studied opera for three years with the Russian American Music Academy in the Sacramento region of Northern California. Now, she applies her background in classical performance appearing as a soloist and guest vocalist in both the Traditional Celtic and Folk music scenes and has appeared with such musicians as John Doyle, Mick Moloney, Athena Tergis and David Brewer.
While primarily a vocalist, Alisa also plays the guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bodhran and piano. She crafts her own Traditional and Folk style lyrical compositions and won awards in Fall of 2011 at the Cork Folk Festival’s Traditional Songwriter’s Competition for her original song “Arthur O’Leary”.
Alisa spent five months in Cork studying Traditional Irish Music both at the University College Cork and in the field with musicians such as Karan Casey and Colm Murphy. Alisa also wrote an ethnography on her experiences in traditional Irish and Celtic music, for which she received awards and honors at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She currently studies under Professor Mick Moloney at NYU’s Irish and Irish American Studies Masters Program.
Like a fresh bud from the seed of an ancient tree, she branches out with a current perspective on these long beloved genres and evokes the memory of the inherited sounds while weaving new roots around it. If you are interested in contacting Alisa for booking, performance or collaboration opportunities please contact her at


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