The Return

Hello All!

I have arrived in Dublin (or rather returned to Dublin). The first time I came to this city was in January of 2010. I loved the city, particularly in the quiet low of hum of that cold winter. It was easy to hear the stories of the city then, pouring out with the mortar between each stone in each building. When I returned from my first visit to Ireland I was shortly after given an album by John Doyle and Karan Casey called “The Exiles Return”. The title song haunted me and captured the very feeling I got when I was visiting Dublin as a winter city. Now, with the buzz of late summer, Dublin is a bit like a different town to me with a whole new vibe. Upon my arrival I found that my room at the hostel would not be available till the afternoon and spent the morning just wandering, sitting by the River Liffey, and stopping in at a cafe where I spent the remainder of my morning chatting up the staff (who turned out to be very friendly). Already knowing the layout of the city gives me an advantage, but also having seen many things leaves me wandering around almost aimlessly today. But, perhaps that is a good thing as I am still groggy with jet lag. I leave for Cork on Monday (or was it Sunday?… products of a hazy mind) where I will be settling into my flat and seeking out a guitar to use while I am here. All in all, things are going well. Miss all my loved ones back home and look forward to meeting up with my friends on this side of the world over the next four months!

A. Rose


4 thoughts on “The Return

  1. Hey baby Alisa,
    Thanks for the post on Friday……Been anxiously awaiting your news……
    It is Saturday night here and Sunday morning 8am your time…….We miss you and love you very much…….Drop a line to me so I know everything is going OK……

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