Goodbye! Hello!

Hello Friends!

Sorry I have been off the chart the last couple days as I wandered in Dublin. I loved the city the first time I had seen it and I love it all over again. I even began to have second thoughts as I left the Dublin Heuston Rail Station as to whether or not I had made the right choice. But all things happen for a reason.

During my time in Dublin I visited new places I had not had the opportunity to before, revisited things I had loved my first time around (and… loved again) and made lots of new acquaintances, some of whom will also be studying in Cork with me.

I was put up in a lovely hotel by the University of California while I was there and also was scheduled for some tours. I am not typically a group tour kind of person. I like taking my time and being in my thoughts (and most of all not having to overhear some peoples snide comments whispered under their breath). However, I did appreciate that the UC had arranged for us to take a tour that was paramount for anyone traveling in Ireland who wanted to understand the nature and attitude of the people. We visited the Kilmainhaim Prison of Dublin which played a highly significant role in Irelands history, particularly in those parts which shape what we know as Ireland today. From the great famine to the Civil War, this jail was utilised and houses many stories. The shadows of the lives of the people were impossible to escape in those dark stone halls. Irish history has always moved me in particular, for some inexplicable reason, especially these painful parts that are stitched so starkly into the textile of the nation. Being in the prison was difficult for me and I had to step aside to compose myself on a few occasions. But, I was glad that the school had chosen this for the other students that were joining as well, that they might see that Ireland isn’t about a bunch of roving drunk paddy’s or leprechauns. They are a deep people with a thick past.

I also had the opportunity to see Trinity Colleges library again, which is the most beautiful library in the world. Sadly, there are no photos permitted in the library. But, here is a link to some fine images.

I left today for Cork after one last walk through beautiful Stevens Green. I  am now in Cork. I have not been to Cork in my previous travels and have not seen enough of the city yet to make a fair estimation of it. I know I will miss Dublin, but happily, its much closer now to me than it ever has been in my life and can visit it often (and CERTAINLY plan on doing so).

Keep you all posted!  ~A. Rose

Below are some pictures of my visit in Dublin (and one of saying farewell to California).

20110912-113421.jpgFarewell California!

20110912-113444.jpgDANGER ZONE!!!!

20110912-113513.jpgStephens Green


20110912-113557.jpg Reproduced Mural originally done by Grace Plunkett Gifford, held hostage during the Irish Civil War, having lost both her husband, brother and brother-in-law to the disputes.

20110912-113622.jpg Spy hole in Kilmainham Jail meant to represent the eye, after the panopticon theory of imprisonment.


20110912-113726.jpg The Book of Kells

20110912-113740.jpgTrinity College


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