Finding my place…

Hello all!! I have spent most of this last week exploring a little and largely settling in. After some small tiffs with my landlady getting sorted (concerning broken washer/dryers, hot water heaters and… bed bugs!)I have somewhat felt a bit more home in my wee apartment.

I have been visiting the University daily, establishing classes, schedules, etc… And have lined up lots of music courses and perhaps some folklore and language too. The campus is beautiful and active. Just today I joined an African drum circle (with which I have a little experience) and took part in a Ceili (traditional Irish folk dancing… where line dancing gets some of it’s roots).

I haven’t found a guitar for while I am here yet but plan on making that my priority tomorrow.

Hope all is well with you!!

A. Rose


St. Finbarre’s Cathedral



O just you know… I room we use.


University Crest… “Where Finbarre taught, let Munster learn.”


Main Quandrangle


Main Entrance to University College Cork


Ceili MC showing us a bit with a broom


North Lee


The Band … not The Band but you know the band for the Ceili… bad folky joke.



Just outside my apartment building, the South Lee River.


Getting ready to Ceili.


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