By the Sea

Today, my friends and I trekked out early to the seaside village of Kinsale for the day. It is an absolutely charming little village that reminds me of Sausolito or Tiburon in the North San Francisco Bay, just below Marin (but obviously with a very Irish twist). We started out by walking a mile and half out to Charles Fort, a canon proof Fort built in the late 17th century with a remarkable view of the Harbor. The fort was used through out the years by various military groups and was used all the way up until World War One for English Military training and then finally by the IRA, shortly after which it was burnt out by the opposition for three days and nights. Its most recent occupation before being made into a Monument Park was by the hippies in the late sixties and early seventies (you can all imagine how this made me smile!) I bright end to a long legacy of warfare.

Following the Fort we ate at a great little pub called the Bulmen on our way back to town center. The walk was extremely pleasant. It was one of those bright, crisp early Autumn days, where everything seems to hang in infinity. And it was remarkably refreshing to smell that sharp sea air billowing through the Kinsale Harbor which is surrounded by green hills of farmland.

We wandered the rest of the day, stumbling upon churches, castles (just ya know… castles by the road… this still gets me) charming shops, and a delicious ice cream parlour. It was a truly lovely day, filled with ease and beauty. And the town was remarkably captivating. I said on more than one occasion as we passed houses that I would be purchasing such house and moving there (these were the smallest cottages with the best views and worth a fortune I am sure… I dream on.)

The day, for some reason, continuously called to mind the song “The Grey Selchie” as performed by Solas on their album The Words That Remain. Though, I saw no sign of a Selk all day long. I would include the song here, but I was unable to find a proper link for listening (and have found iTunes to be restrictive in their sharing rights, even if its your own music). But I would highly recommend the song and the whole album.

Hope all is well with you!

~A. Rose















2 thoughts on “By the Sea

  1. Wow! It has been so good to read your updates. I am so glad that you are soaking up these amazing experiences. Hearing about your days in Ireland reminds me to enjoy every day here in New York, which I certainly do, but your enthusiasm adds extra encouragement. Loves from across the Atlantic.

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