Hey Friends!

Had a fun weekend in the scenic town of Westport, Co. Mayo.

I was feeling out and melancholy last week and decided I needed to make a commitment to something spontaneously. Friday morning I found myself on the way to Westport to do a gig, with my Junior guitar. The seven hour bus ride wound me through the beautiful countryside, a lovely brake from the city skyline of Cork.

I arrived and that same evening did a show with a friend in the area, Brian Duffy, at a great little pub called “Geraghty’s”. Brian has a strong tenor voice and writes fun, danceable songs (which are soon to be released on his first album). The evening was met with praise and I hopefully will be heading back up to Westport in the future for further gigging.

The rest of the weekend I spent rambling and walking through beautiful landscapes punctuated with hills (or as they called them, mountains), rivers, a bay and the Croagh Patrick, the highest peak in the area where it is said St. Patrick fasted for forty days and forty nights before banishing the snakes from Ireland. I ate more good food in that weekend than I have in weeks, leaving me satisfied and a little worried for my figure (back to the diet of brown rice and porridge I have been eating since I got here). On my way to the bus I stopped in at a great pub with a Blues Session and joined in for an hour and had a fantastic time singing, playing guitar and even being convinced to bang on the keyboard a bit.

Westport is charming and beautiful and the kind of Irish town one might see in films. Everyone seems to know each other and if you don’t know anyone, you will be sure to by the time you leave. I hope to be back up there soon for more music and gigging soon!

Love to all!




















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