Gaelic Girl

As well as being an active musician and academic while I am here in Ireland, I am also writing weekly articles for Irish Central in a series called “Gaelic Girls“. I was brought on by Sandra Sheerin for this project which follows the experiences of young American ladies visiting Ireland. While the idea was to make the project a “Sex and the City” type center for talk on dating, nightlife, fashion and the like, I saw it as an opportunity to inject some wit and keen observation into the series. Not all the articles so far have been met with applause by the public. Even before we published our pieces, comments flew, like “send them back where they belong.” This has inspired me to challenge myself even further to pleasantly surprise the readers or at least give them a new perspective on the familiar.

I hope you all will enjoy the articles. And never mind the hype and the cheesy titles (which I did not come up with) or even the minor changes to the article that were made by my superiors (you will probably notice, they don’t sound like things I would say at all). Feel free to make comments on the articles.

If you like my writing or care to see what other literary crafts I am capable of you can read my poetry and short-stories on my sister blog: Story, I am

Happy Reading Friends!

~A. Rose



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