Wonderful Weekends

Hey Friends!

It’s been awhile. Not having a phone on my being at all moments changes how I interact with the world on multiple levels. It has made me much more present to that which is in front of me. But, I have not forgotten all of you out there.

Last weekend I mostly relaxed and took care of business, though I did see an amazing production of Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at The Cork Opera House. The set, direction and sound effects/intermittent scores were very creative and unusual. The all Irish cast did a phenomenal job portraying the awkward balance of this half tragedy, half comedy play.

Through out the week I participated in jams and open mics as usual. But my mind was one the coming weekend which began with a concert on Thursday at The Pavilion, a venue which is fast becoming my favorite. The show, which was called “Junctions” is a four part concert series which blends various high-level performers in the New Traditional Music scene, coming together to do incredible and unique concerts. Performers included vocalist Karan Casey, Nial Vallory on Concertina, Mairtin O’Connor playing Button Accordion, Donal Lunny, Buille, and Karen Matheson and Donald Shaw of Capercaillie.  The show was incredible and sparkled brilliant moments of innovation that surprised even the performers themselves. One particularly elegant song came from Karan Casey, accompanied by Mairtin O’Connor while she sang “The Snow’s They Melt The Soonest”. The effect was haunting and stark. Happily, I got the opportunity to speak to some of the performers after they show and they are as friendly as they are talented. I even took the bold step of asking Karan Casey if she offered workshops, as she lives in the county, and while she said she does not normally offer those kinds of classes, she would be happy to come out and work with me a bit!

Friday I spent they day in Kinsale with my friend Michelle, just wandering in and out of art galleries and doing some early Christmas shopping.We sat in a cafe for a good part of the afternoon, sampling sweet things, writing letters and drawing- simply taking in simplicity and the calm of the day.

Finally, on Saturday I trekked out to the outer suburbia of Cork to Douglas shopping mall where I tucked into a small Radio Studio to give a live performance and interview for Cork FM‘s Traditional Hour with Jessie Cawley. It was an entirely new experience for me but it went by in a flash and as Jessie said I looked “very calm”. I played two of my owns songs, ‘Arthur O’Leary‘ and ‘Farewell Piper‘, between chatting about my time in Cork, my musical influences and experiences. I have been informed a podcast of the performance will be posted to Soundcould soon, and I will be sure to post it here to the website as soon as it is available. If you would like to hear the songs that I performed now, they are available here on my website under the page, “The Sound”

Life has shown me many blessings while I have been in here in Cork. But, as I reflect on them I see that without determination, courage, faith and the encouragement of friends, I could not have met those miracles where they dwell. I have often heard it said that life is short, but this I only know to be said by those who feel they have missed something. Even at my young age I see life as long, stretching out in my past, detailed and refined to the minutest point bringing me to where I am today and broadly lying wide before me, the future an endless range of possibilities waiting for me to grasp.

Go out and get some of the life that waits for you!

~A. Rose



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