John Doyle House Concert


Hi Friends!

Those of you following on my Facebook page may have already heard. John Doyle, the amazing, grammy nominated Irish guitarist and vocalist will be doing a house concert this Monday, September 23 at 7pm. John Doyle is one of the most influential and valuable Irish musicians of our time. A self taught historian, collector and creator of traditional Irish music, John is one of the primary musicians in the Celtic scene who is preserving the very essence of what traditional music is both in study and in action. John is also a remarkably humble, gracious and friendly person who is a joy to talk to. He has graciously welcomed me to join him at his concert for a song. I would love to see you all there, if not see me, then to support this incredible musician. It will be an evening well spent. You can find details about the show, here. I would recommend making reservation by contacting our gracious hosts, Pete and Lynda Haworth by calling 831.464.9978 or emailing,

How often do you get to see such great music in such a cozy setting? I hope to see you all there!


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