An Undone Irish Seisiun


Alisa Rose and Friends

Hello Friends!

Been working lots behind the scenes here and definitely hope to make some really exciting announcements soon. But, in the meantime I am very happy to be doing another gig at Vino Tabi Winery this coming Sunday, February 16th, 2-4pm. Last months casual concert was a blast and the lads and I hope to replicate the experience. Along with doing some of my favorite songs we will be doing an experimental jam with traditional lyrics. For me, the experience of creating music in community is the true purpose of tradition and the best method of preservation. And that is exactly what I feel happened in our last show. Come and find out what our experiment is all about!

Stay updated on this concert by joining the event on Facebook.

**Vino Tabi Winery is a family friendly, dog friendly space! Bring the kids and the pooch too! But, please, use responsible parenting and kindly keep the pups on leashes. šŸ™‚ **


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