Vino Tabi Winery St. Patricks Day Celebration

Vino Tabi Winery St. Patricks Day Celebration

Hello Friends!

Very happy to be playing again at Vino Tabi Winery! Another casual concert with spontaneous song creation and on-the-spot jamming with the lads… always an amazing experience and exclusive to the Vino Tabi venue. Join us for a glass of wine, snacks and celebrating! This upcoming show was mentioned in this months Good Times! We anticipate a great time 🙂
Vino Tabi Winery is a family friendly, dog friendly environment! Bring the kids and the pooch too (but please parent responsibly and keep the pet on a leash).
This event is FREE. However, Vino Tabi Winery appreciates your patronage by purchasing wine or snacks and tipping the musicians.
Stay updated on this concert by joining the event on my Facebook page. 

Hope to see you all there!

Alisa Rose in Good Times


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