Throwback Thursday!

Hello Friends!

Thought it might be fun to do a little throwback this week! A couple of years ago, while I was living in Ireland, I did a fun interview for Cork FM with Jessie Cawley. I had recently won second prize in The Cork Folk Festival “Deaglon Tallon” Traditional Songwriters Competition for my original song, “Arthur O’Leary” and the radio station was looking for students of traditional music at University College Cork to take part in the show. Jessie and I got in touch and on an autumn evening I wandered in to the radio stations office in the mall and sang a couple of songs, chatted with Jessie about my musical influences, experiences and inspirations. It seems both a million years ago and just yesterday. Part of me just can’t believe it was already over two years since I left Ireland, and the other feels like it was so long ago that the memories feel more like dreams within dreams.
Hope you enjoy the interview! 🙂

Cork FM – Alisa Rose interview


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