A Madcap Reading with music!


Hello Friends!

I am very excited to be working with my dear friend, Matthew Maw, for his next installment in a series of readings, “The Old Lady Says, ‘No!'” featuring appropriate music, embellishing the wild and raucous play by Denis Johnston.

Denis Johnston’s THE OLD LADY SAYS “NO!” – a Reading, a Carnival, a Madcap Tour of Revolutionary Dublin – with Music (of course) from Alisa Rose and our incredible readers, Gina Costigan, Joe Goodrich, Matthew Maw, Honor Molloy, Paul Nugent, and Sarah Shear

“I don’t like to see my country insulted by indecent plays.” —Denis Johnston (1929)

Neither did the Abbey Theatre’s Lady Gregory, who rejected this raucous carnival of a play. With language lubricious and action outrageous, Johnston’s play is a searing look at Ireland’s relationship with revolutionary violence. But then, Denis Johnston wrote “Life itself is violent.”

Join us all for a drink at Swift’s Hibernian following our matinee show!
RSVP to the event and stay updated by joining us on Facebook, here: The Old Lady Says, “No!”.


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