New Journey!

Well Friends… It’s finally happening! After a decade of re-discovering my voice in a new tradition, I am putting together an album. There are many stages to this process and I am looking forward to the journey. However, it has become apparent to me that I cannot traverse this without help.

The road to releasing an album is a costly one but not impossible. I have already been offered so much support by friends and mentors, that I am confident this project will be a great success. And, it can prosper even more abundantly with your help.

So I am hoping to entice all of you to join me through your support. I have created a special GoFundMe for this project, complete with gifts of gratitude for various donation levels. GoFundMe is a safe site for raising funds, and enable me to use any amount donated, without the all-or-nothing pressure of other funding sites. It also allows me to interact with you as patrons and keep you all up to date on progress and new phases of the journey. Please, take a moment to check it out and consider how you might like to help. 🙂 Many more announcements and updates to come! Find the GoFundMe page here:



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