The Academic

As well as a musAlisa Rose Pierini: anthropologist, archivist and academic.ician, Alisa Rose is an academic, anthropologist and archivist. Alisa received her degree in Cultural Anthropology in the Spring of 2013 from the University of California, Santa Cruz with honors. After completing an Associates Degree in English Literature at Sierra College and transferring to UCSC, Alisa Rose chose to spend the Fall quarter of her Senior year combining two of her great loves by studying ethnomusicology at the University College at Cork in Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland. Alisa made a study of the craft, use and maintenance of Traditional Music in a Post-Modern world not only through the University but also by immersing herself in the local music community as a performer, participant and enthusiast. This resulted in Alisa’s Senior thesis and ethnography, “Performing Irish: The Evolution of Irish Ident
ity through Music” for which she received both the Dean’s and Chancellor’s Awards for undergraduate research in the Social Sciences. Alisa Rose currently studies at New York University’s Irish and Irish American Studies Program working towards a Master’s Degree and continues to expand her research under the mentorship of internationally renound Irish musician and academic, Mick Moloney, as well simultaneously working in the Archives of Irish America under historian, Professor Marion Casey.


4 thoughts on “The Academic

  1. Hi Alisa,

    I just read about you in David Brewer’s email blast for the Celtic Music Night. I’m very interested in reading your thesis. Could you possibly email me a copy?

    Good luck continued explorations in both the music and the history.


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